Our Commitment to a Circular Economy

Plastic recycling is imperative in making sure that natural resources are returned to nature to ensure their sustainability. Plastic was supposed to be the wonder product of the 20th century, but the toxic waste created by it is has been dangerous. Therefore, it has become imperative that we recycle plastic waste.

By Recycling Industrial Plastic Scrap, We:

consumption of natural resources

new revenue streams for customers

customers in maintaining plant & office housekeeping & safety

landfilling of plastics & associated greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

high-quality recycle plastics resins to be used in the same or similar applications

Plastic Scrap Collection & Recycling Services

Madayn Plastic Company supports customers in Sultanate of Oman in achieving their environmental sustainability objectives by collecting and recycling their plastic scrap and, thereby, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and diverting plastics from landfills.

In establishing a circular economy of plastics, Madayn Plastic Company recycles post-industrial and post-commercial plastic polymers, as well as other plastic scrap.


Circular economy is an important tool to challenge energy consumption, resources depletion and pollution.

“A circular economy could increase the efficiency of primary resource consumption in the world. By conserving materials embodied in high value products, or returning wastes to the economy as high quality secondary raw materials, a circular economy would reduce the demand for primary raw materials.”

The so-called "take, make, dispose" linear economy model which societies rely upon has led to worrying environmental problems. The concept of circular economy challenges the current unsustainable model - its prerogative is resource conservation and it has the potential to fully close the loop.