Quality Management

The cornerstone of our quality policy is “Quality Without Compromise”.

We understand the customers’ requirements, as well as the regulatory requirements for each of the markets we serve. We also recognize that customer satisfaction is key for Madayn Plastic Company success.

One of our top priorities is to ensure that all of our employees understand their roles and responsibilities to ensure that our products adhere to our Customers’ quality requirements, and regulatory requirements.

Madayn Plastic Company is has a modern quality control laboratory equipped with advanced measuring equipment’s. Our standard operating procedures, and batch records offers adequate traceability records, and ensure that customers’ specs and regulatory requirements are consistently monitored throughout the various manufacturing stages.

Environment Management

We are an active part of the environment in which we live and work. Our purview goes far beyond our company, our offices, and our factories. We have a responsibility and we know it: Our social engagement opens doors, bringing people together regardless of their age, social background, and nationality. We are making connections that last.

Personnal Development

Madayn Plastic Company run a company that is intelligent, passionate, and responsible – thanks to our employees. That's why our work environment is characterized by mutual trust and respect. We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and have fun every day. We meet people at eye level and we don't condemn mistakes – we see them as an opportunity to do better next time.

A willingness to engage in life-long learning and the desire to develop one's personality are the prerequisites of competence. Madayn Plastic Company provides an extensive advanced training programme which is structured according to the needs of the employees.


The Managing Director and Directors ensure so far as is reasonably practicable that Madayn Plastic Company undertakes to fulfill its obligations under the Health and Safety at Work.

Plant and systems of work shall be safe and without risk to health.

Arrangements for safety and the absence of risk in connection with the use handling, storage and transport of articlesshall be maintained.

Information, instruction, training and supervision as necessary to ensure the health and safety of employees and otherpersons shall be provided.

The workplace shall be safe and without risk to health and safety and have means of access and egress that are safe andwithout risk.

A safe working environment shall be provided for employees and other people who could be affected by The Organisation’sactivities without risks to health along with adequate facilities and welfare arrangements.

The health and safety policy of Madayn Plastic Company is regularly reviewed and revised where deemed appropriate to reflect The Organization’s desire to continually improve its health and safety performance, where opportunities arise.

The daily management of health and safety is a requirement of all personnel, and is facilitated through a documented organizational structure incorporating key health and safety roles and skills culminating with ownership of health and safety matters at the highest level within the organisation.